Daily Devotionals



Acts 2:38

“Peter said to them, ‘Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit’.”

Week May 21 thru May 26, 2018
Acts 2:1-4

Pentecost is a day of celebration, a day we celebrate the flow of the Holy Spirit through our lives. The Holy Spirit doesn’t always come as a still small voice or a gentle stirring in the heart. The Holy Spirit isn’t always subtle, fragile, or polite. In our passage today, we see the coming of the Holy Spirit as a violent wind and as tongues of fire. In other areas of scripture, the Holy Spirit is described as water and breath. However you choose to think about the Holy Spirit one thing is certain, the Holy Spirit is God. When we receive the Holy Spirit, we are changed from the inside out. Just look at the amazing transformation of Peter in Acts 2 when he received the Spirit of God.

Prayer: “Holy Spirit, come alive in me. Change me from the inside out. Guide me with your strength, power, wisdom and love.  Amen.”

 TUESDAY  John 7:37-39

Pentecost is not only the inflowing of the Spirit to the church and her members, but also the flowing out of the Spirit to others—To God, first; to others; and to the na­tions of the world.  The Holy Spirit is not stagnant, dead water. The Holy Spirit is living water that flows into the church and into the believer and then flows outward. The Spirit flows out of the people of God. This takes place when we share scripture with each other, or witness to others outside the church. This could be the church member who goes to the hospital and opens up the Bible and gives a comforting word to someone who is in the hospital. This could be you sharing a word of hope and encouragement to a co-worker, or simply inviting a friend or neighbor to Bible study or Church.

Prayer: “Jesus, I want to drink from your living water. I want your Holy Spirit to flow in me, through me, and bring life to all those around me. Amen”

WEDNESDAY                                     Revelation 22:1-2

Here we have a beautiful picture of the Holy Spirit described as the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb. This is what we affirm in the Nicene Creed when we say we believe in the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son. This Holy Spirit which fills each of us with rivers of living water is the same Spirit that flows out of the church to all the nations of the world in missions and in evangelism. When we enter the waters of baptism the Holy Spirit washes us clean and transforms us from the inside out to be rivers of life for others, so they too can know God’s love.

Prayer: “God, I need your Holy Spirit flowing through my life so I can be continually renewed by your love. Wash me from the inside out.   Amen”

Luke 3:16

Fire is often associated with power. We often put those two words together, don’t we? We talk about firepower. In the Bible, fire is often used as the symbol of God’s presence and power. Fire has a way of burning away the chaff, anything that is useless or cumbersome. Fire also refines and galvanizes. The hearts of the disciples were set on fire with love for Christ, and with a burning desire to tell the story. The word fire appears 520 times in the Bible. All fire, with the exception of strange and unauthorized fire, is Holy Fire. Fire is used to honor God, purification, vengeance, supernatural power, and can also be symbolic or poetic. But fire isn’t the only way God reveals himself. The only predictable thing about God is that He is predictably unpredictable.

Prayer: “Spirit of God, I need your refining fire in my life. Burn away all the things in me that are keeping me from you.   Amen”

John 20:21-22

“Breathe on me breath of God – Fill me with life anew. That I may love what Thou dost love and do what Thou wouldst do.” Edwin Hatch wrote this hymn because he recognized the importance of the breath of God as the life giving and renewing power of the Holy Spirit. In the book of Genesis, God breathed the breath of life into us and we became a living soul. Here in John 20, God the Son breaths the breath of life onto the disciples so they can receive Holy Spirit anew, and He sends them out into the world to share this gift. We too are given the gift of the Holy Spirit at our baptism and this Spirit is what continues to renew us and gives us the breath of God to share with others.

Prayer: “God, breath on me once more. Fill me with your spirit and send me into the world as a gift of your love.   Amen”

Acts 2:37-42

That’s the true miracle of Pentecost – these 120 followers came together – in one voice proclaiming the good news of “God’s deeds of power”. 3,000 people came to know Christ that day. That’s what happens when the family of God comes together with one purpose and allows the Spirit of God to flow freely through them. Can you imagine the impact on the world if everyone here at Godley UMC came together in one voice? God has blessed each of us with amazing gifts and abilities. Let’s work together for His glory.

Prayer: “Holy Spirit, bring me together with all your children. Help me to proclaim your love and glory and become the part of the church you created me to be.  Amen”