Prayer cannot be over estimated.
Prayer moves the hand of God.
Our church is a body of believers dependent on prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty. Each Sunday during morning services our church is praying for the Ministry of the Word. Our Prayer Chain pray for our pastor, a list of church members, and special requests, and missionary prayer needs.
If you have a prayer request, you can submit it below on our prayer wall.

admin, March 30, 2020 - 2:13 pm

Bobby Yates passed away. He is the son in law of Billy Jack Giles

The Prayer List in our Bulletin

Eric Beimler*

Klay Abbott*

Art & Ester Carranza*

Ray Beimler*

David McMinn

Diane Plunk*

Greg Turner*

Owen Turner*

Russell Moore*

Maureen Green*         

Bobby Green* 

Bobby Green’s Son* Gary

Jodie Desmond*

Logan Strey*

John Donica*

Murray Plunk*

Sydney Conlin


David Pryor

Kathryn Plunk

Flora & Oscar Stewart

Dan Smith*

Terri Norwood*

Leon Norwood*

Rae Ann McKittrick

Steve McLaughlin

Mark Irvin

Finleigh Suth

Kristine Longfellow

Jackson Aldridge

Carol Ann Beimler

Isabell Struc

Godley Police Dept.*

Zachary Tucker

Godley Fire Dept.*

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